Thursday, June 27, 2013

The best weekend: part two

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite day from the past weekend. Honestly, a lot of it blends together (although that could have a lot to do with my temporal awareness issues, too). Thank goodness for pictures to help me keep things straight!

We snagged brunch at Brown Egg near downtown--again, super yummy. I seriously wanted one of everything.

And yes, we did more shopping downtown--we even went back to some stores that we had gone the day before because we kept thinking about things we hadn't bought that we had decided we wanted. You know us, just perpetuating gender stereotypes by being indecisive and obsessing over clothes. Nothing to see here.

 Of course, we had to stop by Relics, too. We almost made it through the entire store. Almost. Somehow I managed to come away with just a teacup. My bank account was pleased; my vintage-lovin' heart, notsomuch.

We managed to make it to a couple parks for pictures and communing with nature and all that. Saturday night we headed to Nathanael Greene and stayed there past closing. We also caught a lovely sunset on the way home and snapped some shots in a random field (the editing is never going to end around here). We also went to Sequiota Sunday morning and stayed there until the heat chased us away and into the mall for a soda, air conditioning, and a little stop by Forever 21.

We even managed to get a little pool time in.....even though it wasn't until about 9pm.

Sunday, after the park and the mall, we went to Aviary for a late lunch before Sarah left for home. It was the perfect end to a very perfect weekend. Can I just rewind to last Thursday?


  1. What a great time with your friend! That food sure does look amazing.

    1. We were total gluttons all weekend. It was incredible. Haha.


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