Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Henry

Meet Henry Tudor Lafferty (yes, my husband humored his British history geek of a wife with his name).


Yeah, I know. Heartbreaker, am I right? He totally has us wrapped around his little paw--all four of them. Twice, maybe three times, even. He's super playful, incredibly affectionate, and (aside from his nasty habit of climbing onto the shelves of our tv stand) is pretty well-behaved for a kitten. 


Tyler and I had been talking about getting a cat for awhile. Well, I had been doing a lot of the talking, and he had been doing a lot of "Well.......maybe. I don't know"-ing. So when one day, relatively out of the blue, he said we should just go for it, I didn't hesitate. I scoured Petfinder and Craigslist, and Tyler talked to a lady he works with who fosters cats. The first cat we inquired about was part of a pair that wouldn't be separated, and the second one's foster had decided to keep him. Tyler's coworker had a litter of newborn kittens, so we just decided we would wait and see about possibly adopting one of them in June.


Then we went to the Humane Society.

"Just to look," you know.

And there he was, running around with another kitten, pouncing and wrestling and being generally adorable. So I picked him up, and he started purring and put a fluffy little paw on my cheek. I was a goner. 


We ended up having to wait a couple days so the Humane Society could get our landlord's approval and have our little guy neutered; having to put him back in his kennel was heartbreaking, even though we knew he was ours. He meowed and pawed at the glass and generally just chipped away at his poor momma's heart. (Yes, Tyler and I refer to ourselves and each other as his "parents." Sweet lord, we have become those people).


But now he's ours, and he's home. Weekends--and life in general--has gotten just a little bit sweeter. And cuter. And much more fluffy.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh little blog....

Oh little blog, how I've missed you. I mean, life gets in the way, but you're still here, just waiting for a little attention. Sorry little fella--and sorry dear readers. First, I'll offer a few (decent, in my mind) justifications for my absence:

1. Work chaos. Holy ish, ya'll. I've been basically coming home and going straight to bed.

2. A week-long bout of the flu....that happened to hit on the weekend my mom came up for her birthday. Sorry mom!

3. Our little family's new feline addition! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already met him, but I'll make a formal introduction here tomorrow. We're smitten.

I know--excuses, excuses.

Second, as a sort of itsy-bitsy apology, I made a little playlist featuring some favorite new tunes that have emerged since my last playlist (and also some not-so-new ones that I've been listening to lots the past few weeks). Forgive me?

Also, here's a bonus song because Grooveshark is a butthead and doesn't want to get along with my Chromebook. Can't leave out Katie.

P.S. I'm also a week or two behind on reading and checking emails, so if I haven't responded, I will soon!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Springtime Etsy Finds

Etsy April

(Sources: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7)

Just a few lovely finds from Etsy--turns out I browse the internet a lot during sick days. Go figure. Also, apparently spring makes me feel a little bit hippie-dippie. I don't hate it. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Watching:a nice little mix of Law & Order: SVU and British history documentaries. I mean, there's not much else to do when you're couch-bound, right? Hashtag, sickdaynumbatwo.

Eating: ......do vitamins count? My husband ate the rest of our breakfast pizza, which was pretty much the only thing in our apartment that didn't require cooking, and I don't feel up to cooking. SO, I will publicly shame him on my blog for leaving me to starve. ;)

Drinking: lots & lots of H2O. I've also had more than a few cups of Earl Grey with lavender, rose petals, and honey.

Reading: some British history books and my uber-clogged Bloglovin' feed. Blogging and blog-reading have both slipped a bit lately.

Working on: not having a fever. also, not dying. also, not being so painfully overdramatic.

Excited about: warm spring weekends. snowcones. wearing sandals without worrying about losing a toe or two to frostbite. Oh, and the new Katie Herzig album.

Thinking: a nap sounds lovely. It sounds lovely, doesn't it?

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