Friday, January 9, 2015

An eShakti Floral Dream

It's not very often that I do product reviews or sponsored posts on the ol' blog--in fact, it's only happened maybe twice since I started blogging a couple years ago. I want this space to stay authentic and truly be a reflection of who I am, so I decided early on to only partner with individuals and companies I believe in and that I would be genuinely excited to work with. When eShakti contacted me recently about reviewing a custom garmet, I readily said yes--I had spent hours browsing their collections and actually already had a dress in mind that I was considering buying. To say it was great timing would be an understatement.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

hi again + favorite songs of 2014

It's always so weirdly difficult coming back to this blog after I've been away for awhile, and I'm not sure exactly why. So here I am, on day 16 of a 17 day holiday, just beginning to write down a few lines. It's not that I haven't missed it; I guess it's maybe a little embarrassing to have slacked so much. You know, like when you haven't called your grandma in a few weeks and you feel bad about it, so you end up avoiding it altogether. No? Just me. Okay then.


Aren't you happy I'm back to bringing the awkwardness to the internets?

As a little apology for being away so long, here's a playlist of my favorite songs of 2014 (minus one "Blank Space" by TSwift because she yanked all her songs from Spotify....). Enjoy!

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