Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh little blog....

Oh little blog, how I've missed you. I mean, life gets in the way, but you're still here, just waiting for a little attention. Sorry little fella--and sorry dear readers. First, I'll offer a few (decent, in my mind) justifications for my absence:

1. Work chaos. Holy ish, ya'll. I've been basically coming home and going straight to bed.

2. A week-long bout of the flu....that happened to hit on the weekend my mom came up for her birthday. Sorry mom!

3. Our little family's new feline addition! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already met him, but I'll make a formal introduction here tomorrow. We're smitten.

I know--excuses, excuses.

Second, as a sort of itsy-bitsy apology, I made a little playlist featuring some favorite new tunes that have emerged since my last playlist (and also some not-so-new ones that I've been listening to lots the past few weeks). Forgive me?

Also, here's a bonus song because Grooveshark is a butthead and doesn't want to get along with my Chromebook. Can't leave out Katie.

P.S. I'm also a week or two behind on reading and checking emails, so if I haven't responded, I will soon!

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