Friday, June 28, 2013

Recent thrifts

When I started going through my thrifts from last weekend, there were fewer than I remember; I think that's from a combination of being way way way overly excited about the camera and going "regular" shopping on the same days. I'm all about quality over quantity anyway, though, and I'm pretty happy with the finds I dug up. I was in the process of making a fancy virtual board for them, but I have a ton on my mind after a meeting this morning (all good things, don't worry!)...and a minor case of the lazies. Hopefully these iphone shots will give you the gist. 

Yep, more books. Always books. My poor husband.

It's Friday! Hope your weekend is lovely.


  1. I look high and low for floral skirts at the thrift. Those look like goodies! And that mustard tank too!

  2. haha i always find books but so does my boyfriend. we are hopeless.

  3. *gasp* I just downloaded the 'sample' of One Day on my Kindle last week! I seen previews to the movie and thought the book may be better than the movie (aren't they always!). Have you read any of it yet? I haven't gotten to it yet. I have to finish one or two books before getting to that one...


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