Wednesday, June 12, 2013

20 Things We Learned in the First Year of Marriage (Part Two)

To wrap up the final day of Wedding Week(ish), I'm going to let my sweet, handsome husband take over and give his list of 10 things he's learned during our first married year. (You can see my list here.) 

Hey! I'm Tyler. I may not have a Psych background to rival Jessica's, but I do have a strong background in business, marketing, and comic books. I had...few examples of what marriage looks like, but I think we've done pretty well so far. Much like Jessica, I have a few things I've learned over the last year. The following is my list of 10 (of more than a few) things I've learned in the first year of marriage:

1) Always remember to put the toilet seat down. After going so many years without having to think about it, it's harder to remember than you might think. Luckily, your significant other is usually quick to remind you.

2)You can never have too many book cases. When I got married, my (non-comics) book collection went up by about 1000%. Not kidding. I live in a library with a tv and a bed.

3) Mornings are hard(er than I already thought). This one's a two-parter. For one, mornings are a little (a lot) harder for Jessica than they are for me. I didn't know waking up could be so traumatic until we were married. For two, my current job requires me to leave while Jessica is still in bed. Sleeping. All cute-like. YOU try walking away from that to go to work.

4) Days off work are good (but days off together are better). A day off work used to mean video games, tv, surfing the net, and getting out every once in a while. Now, it's pretty much the same thing, but with a GIRL. Seriously though, having a companion to spend those days off with really adds another fun layer to everything. We each come up with adventures that the other would not have thought of alone.

5) No matter how bad the day is, it (almost) always ends well. Crappy day at work? There's always a loving person there to make that day disappear. Just don't forget to leave the grouch at work.

6) The first year isnt all it's made out to be. Either Jessica and I were lucky, or the first year isn't as hard as they say. We didn't have any huge fights, and any disagreements we have are generally solved with a quickness. Also, we both know where the other sleeps, so that always helps keep us in line.

7) It's important to be flexible (even if you're not good at it). No, I'm not talking about the twelve yoga DVDs over on our shelf (that I have obviously never used). It's about give and take. Compromise. We seem to have a pretty easy time coming to an agreement, which may help with #6.

8) Getting married doesn't mean giving up your hobbies (in fact, they can become more fun). Case in point: last week, Jessica and I visited a little comic book and records store in town. I'm a big comic book nerd, and she's a record collector. We spent a good hour and a half in there just looking through things - both records and comics. If you have a chance to do something that mashes hobbies together, do it. We also tend to do quite a bit of gaming together, and that's nothing but awesome.

9) Dates are still important. Movie dates, dinner dates...spending time together around the house is always fun (redbox, anyone?), but sometimes you have to get out. It keeps things fun, keeps things interesting, and keeps cabin fever away.

10) The little things become much more significant (and fun). Jessica and I laugh about as much while grocery shopping as we do doing anything else. Brushing my teeth before bed was never exciting before I had someone trying to tickle the crap out of me while I was doing it. Things that were never fun (or notable in any sense of the word) can suddenly take on more meaning, significance or memorability (add that word to the dictionary) when you're married.


  1. I'm several years ahead of You and One Year behind You!!!! I All I Can Say is, AMEN Brother!!!

  2. Love this! Especially the getting out of bed part, so true!


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