Friday, June 21, 2013

Life in Instagram

 Last Monday and Tuesday sucked sucked sucked. I spent pretty much the entire day in the bathtub with a book feeling way less than awesome. There's something about  not feeling 100% that really makes life just seem really dreary. SO glad that's over, even though I don't regret the quality time with Ms. Plath.

 I also spent some quality time at the salon last Friday. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a great salon and hairstylist. Coming from a small town, I've had my share of terrible haircuts for lack of options. (If I ever decide to bob my hair to my chin all the way 'round again, someone keep me far from the salon.) I've been with Shai at Valeria Boss for probably six or seven years, and she's the only stylist I've ever felt this loyal to. The scalp/neck/shoulder massages don't hurt, either.

Right before taking the big plunge and donating my locks. I think she cut off over a foot total! It was drastic! I was super nervous--mainly about the bangs more than anything, but I trust Shai. She asked me a few different questions during the process, and almost every time, my answer was, "Whatever you think would look the best." She's never steered me wrong.

 Maybe this is weird, but I always go treat myself after a haircut (as if a haircut at AVBS isn't a treat enough); I just feel like such a different person afterward. Lighter and more carefree, somehow. It's like a happy pill, and much less drastic.

Here are the results. I know I posted this already a couple days ago, but I really like this picture. My husband did a heck of a job, especially for not being a photographer and just having my silly iPhone. I think he's getting used to taking pictures of me for the blog by now. :)

This was our grocery day. We sure know how to pick 'em. The rain wasn't supposed to start until 3pm, and we left the apartment at 10 (where it was still sunny, by the way). Five miles down the highway toward town, and we had to pull off because it was raining too hard for us to see. Bang up job, there, weatherman.

The same day--one of the scariest muthaflippin skies I have ever seen. I thought we might die. 

Newly obsessed with this stuff. Obsessed, I tell you. I think my blood is lemon-flavored by now.

Gosh, I love this guy.

Almost every morning I have this debate with myself: curly or straight? (Curly usually wins.)

Miss Sarah came into town last night to stay for the weekend. I'm soooooo pumped! We're spending the day catching up, thrifting, antiquing, and eating. What more can you ask for, really?

While waiting for Sarah, Tyler and I made a Starbucks run so we could stay up for her arrival. She got to the apartment a little before 10, and we're usually in bed by 8 or 8:30. (We are geriatric, ya'll.) Guess who got the iced coffee and who got the Caramel Ribbon Crunch? I haven't had a nighttime Starbucks run since grad school, and it took me back.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. I totally feel your small town haircut pain!! I've had the chin length bob before, and that sad part is, I had asked for it to be collar bone length. Ack.

    And WOW, that sky!! We've had some crazy rain/floods here too.

    1. Yikes! That's not even close! I swear, half of my junior-high awkwardness in photos was just bad haircuts. Sigh.

  2. SO cute!!! I have been debating with myself about cutting my long hair off. I don't think I'm ready quite yet. I think one more trim and then I will do a donation. :)

    1. I go through cycles where I love my long hair, and then get totally sick of it (and the headaches!) and chop it all off. It's just getting SO hot here that I was ready for something a little cooler; I didn't realize how hot the bangs would be though. I love the way they look, but dang. :)


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