Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding Week(ish): Wedding Morning

I was a perfectly calm and collected bride the morning of the wedding.

No, actually. No, I wasn't.

I woke up early, looked outside, and saw rain. Then I panicked. Who planned an outdoor wedding with no contingency plan? This girl. Up until a couple days before, the weather had looked perfect. I even invested in an almanac to try and predict what our big day would look like weather-wise. (I may have chucked it across the room when I saw storm clouds.) So the rain was a very unwelcome (and freakout-worthy) addition to my morning. Thankfully, it cleared up by noon, and I had amazing/hilarious bridesmaids (and my mom!) that kept me distracted until then...once they arrived at the apartment. My long-time hairstylist and friend, Shai, came over and did our hair (she's the best!), and we danced and drank tea until it was time to head to the venue. It's one of the few parts of our wedding day that wasn't a complete blur. Once we got to the venue and settled in, those girls kept me from being a ball of nerves! Here are some of my favorite moments from that morning. I love being able to look back on them, and to see Tyler getting ready, since I (obviously) wasn't there for that part. :)

Metric tons of hairspray, zero makeup, and giant sweet teas from McDonald's. 
These girls are the absolute best friends a girl could have. So lucky to have them.

Gush alert: This picture still makes my heart a little fluttery. 

We decided to have something small to represent our biggest passions somehow involved in the wedding.
Tyler's is superheroes and mine is England. The ring on my right hand is made from a farthing.
I will let you guess where he wore superheroes.

Pretty much representative of the whole morning.

I looked for an eternity for these lace Toms. Now they're everywhere!

Also really representative of the whole morning.


All photos by Mr. Colby Moore.

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  1. Ahh, I love it! Such a great morning (and day of course)! I wonder if Sommer still remembers the polka I taught her...


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