Monday, June 23, 2014



As I mentioned in this post, we had family visit Springfield last week, and on Monday, we went to Silver Dollar City. Oh, Silver Dollar City.  I have grown to love this place over the past year or so (I know, I'm late to the game!). Yes, it's cheesy, hokey, and a little bit ridiculous, but it just embraces that and doesn't take itself too seriously. I've learned to do the same. Honestly, I'm a little annoyed with myself for actively avoiding it during college and not appreciating the corny awesomeness for all it has to offer. I mean, the food alone is worth the visit!

The food is actually the main reason I go. Hashtag Fatty McGoo. I tell Tyler that the food is to me what the coasters are to him. Seriously, though, I am not a rollercoaster person. At all. They terrify me, and the entire time I'm on them, I'm just thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong. Somehow, though (probably because our 11-year-old niece, Emily, rode basically everything and talked me into it), they got me on Wildfire. It took a couple tries--the first time, we were next in line to get on, and I chickened out and went to the observation deck. Since it was a Monday, though, the lines were short, so Tyler, Emily, and our nephew Mason decided to ride again. Thankfully the line that time was so short that I didn't even have time to think about it, and I survived. I screamed the entire time, minus the short bursts where I told Tyler, "I hate you so much for making me do this!" (I'm not exaggerating, either--Ott, our brother in law, took video of the first part of the ride, and I start screaming as soon as we start moving. It's moderately embarrassing.)

We (me included!) ended up riding a lot, since we rode the water rides too. Those are more my speed (annnnnd they helped keep us cool, which was really nice on a summer day in Missouri!). We were there when the park opened, and we left as it closed.

Plus, I got my bacon ranch kettle chips, Dippin Dots, taffy, funnel cake, and a pretzel as big as my face.










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  1. I loooove SDC! I can't wait to go back soon. The smell is a big factor for me, so many good smells going on. Oh and the rides, of course.


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