Friday, June 27, 2014

Life Lately


1,2: Those boys of mine are growing up too fast. // 3: We went on a hunt for Dry Soda after Tyler saw it online. I tried the cucumber, which was strangely tasty. They make a lavender soda, too, but it wasn't in stock.  *Insert weepy face* // 4. I spent alllllll day Tuesday in a training. I had way too much coffee and my brain was still mush by 4:00. // 5. We took Henry on his first car ride since bringing him home, and he actually seemed to love it! We may have a leash kitty on our hands, folks. // 6. Snowcones, always.

I really like doing these little weekly updates, but darn it if sometimes it doesn't make me feel like my life is boring--like, um, this week. I mean, new sodas and a kitty car ride? Not exactly thrilling reading, that. I have always wanted my blog to be an authentic view of my life, though, not a perfectly constructed image--and in my life, days ebb and flow. Sometimes they're exciting, sometimes they're fairly calm; sometimes they're fast and full, and sometimes they're slow and gloriously empty. Two things are always steady though--they're mine and they're meaningful.

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