Friday, June 6, 2014

Life Lately

Just a little life update! I'm going to try and be a little more disciplined and make this a weekly thing....but, uh, we'll see. :) If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know most of this anyway.


1) I (finally!) saw Philomena, and let me tell you guys--wow. What an amazing story. I felt ALL the feels with this one. I'm pretty sure watching Judi Dench cry broke something in my soul somewhere. She's my spirit animal. I can't recommend this movie enough--it's probably in my top five of all time. Even Tyler loved it and he only rented it to humor me. So now of course I bought the book (apparently it's quite different?). When I'm obsessed, I'm obsessed, ya'll.

2) Last weekend was crazy hectic, full of errands and preparations for kitten number two--groceries and Petsmart and cleaning our apartment down to the grout (which was an experience henceforth known as The Great OxiClean Debacle of 2014, and that is all that shall ever be spoken of it ever EVER again) and etc etc etc. In the midst of the craziness, though, we made time for cheese. If you think that sounds absurd, you've never had Osceola cheese, my friend...and you should. Spicy garden cheddar will change your life...and ghost pepper cheese will make you feel like you have scalded every single tastebud in your mouth for at least two days. (So go for the spicy garden cheddar, is what I'm saying.)

3) We also celebrated our successful productive weekend with sugar cookie snowcones from SnoBiz and coffee (or in my case, Tiger-Spiced Chai!) from one of our favorite local spots. Because duh. *Side note: I really want some chai now.

4) I found the magazine of my dreams--a history mag from BBC. Barnes and Noble, you have made my dreams come true.

5) I've discovered that it is actually physically impossible for us to leave Hurts Donuts with less than half a dozen donuts, and I am 110% okay with this.

6) THIS SHIRT, you guys. Tyrian is just my favorite ever. (It's totally from Hot Topic *insert crying laughing emoji*.) Also, Henry is TOO BIG. What's happening to my baby!?

7) We decided to go to dinner the night before our anniversary, and Tyler told me I could pick anywhere I wanted. Fancy dinner? Nah. Dinner from a food truck on a double-decker bus? ALL KINDS OF YES.

8) On our actual anniversary, we couldn't go out to dinner because we had to pick up our little Oliver. He and Henry are doing better now (thankfully!) but we're not quite to besties status just yet. Here's hoping.

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  1. Did you hit up Leola's just down from the cheese shop? Antiques!!!!!!! And that spicy garden is what I ALWAYS come home well as the salsa cheddar!!!


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