Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Favorites: Guilty Pleasures


Today I thought I would share a few of my guilty pleasures--nothing like letting the whole internet know how nerdy/weird/lame/gluttonous/cheesy I am, right? Yeah, I'm really not that ashamed. :)

To watch: 
  • Catfish: People are freaking weird.
  • SVU: I think this is my guilty pleasure just because I've seen every episode more than once, so I can just zone out when it watch it. It's my happy place.
  • Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International: Full disclosure: I totally believe in ghosts. You can think I'm crazy or going to hell or whatever, but I will just say that I never believed in them at all until we moved into a certain house when I was a teenager. Things happened that were unexplainable (and at times, really scary) and it changed my mind. I'm not a fan of all "ghost shows" but I do like GH and GHI. Even if I find out years from now that the show was faked, I really just like hearing people's stories of their own experiences. 
  • The Last Unicorn: This was one of my very very favorite movies when I was a kid. I would rent it over and over until my parents finally just bought it. 
  • Destination Truth/Mountain Monsters: Okay, if the ghost thing didn't do it, you'll definitely think I'm crazy now. I love shows about cryptozoology. I'm not at all sold on the idea that any of these things exist, but again, it's more about hearing other peoples' stories and the legends behind them. Bigfoot is absolutely real, though. ;)

To read: 

  • Academic articles on British History: I legitimately print off and read academic British history articles. Right now I do it mostly through the library, but when I was in college--holy moly. I have binders and binders full.
  • GOMI: I've never contributed to GOMI because I think it might legitimately kill part of my soul, but reading through it has given me more than a few chuckles. Much like my affinity for Catfish, it just is super interesting how crazy and weird people are (in this case, both the bloggers and the GOMIers). But yeah, the whole premise is terrible, I know.
  • Comic books/graphic novels: But no capes and tights, thanks. 
  • Craigslist Missed Connections: This can be the sweetest or funniest part of my week (but usually the funniest).
  • Travel/culture guides: "Oh another Britain thing?" No. It's not even restricted to Britain (although, yeah, those tend to be my favorite). I'll read travel guides to places I don't even have any interesting in visiting...but most of the time it makes me want to visit. 

To eat:
  • Snowcones: I could eat my weight in snowcones. I have never met a snowcone I didn't like. 
  • BBQ chips and cream cheese: I have eaten this since I was a kid, and yes, it's super weird. 
  • The little crunchy pieces from Long John Silvers: I could make an entire meal out of these. 
  • Applebee's Triple Chocolate Meltdown: Best. dessert. ever.
  • Dried peas: It isn't a guilty pleasure until you eat the entire bag.
To drink:

  • Chai lattes: I went through a period in college where I was full-on addicted to these suckers. The addiction has returned.
  • Lavender iced coffee: Elle's is better than what I make at home, but I will drink both until I have the jitters.
  • Vanilla Dr. Pepper: I don't drink a lot of soda, so this is a definite indulgence, but I have had enough of it in my lifetime to know that Steak 'N Shake makes the best. Sonic comes in a close second.
  • Hedges CMS red wine: I first tried this at the recommendation of a waiter during the course of the best overall dining experience I've ever had (it was at Saigon Flavors in Orlando, if you're curious). I was mostly a white wine gal at that point, but this wine single-handedly converted me. It's hard to find--there's only one place in town that carries it--but it's worth searching for. I could drink the whole bottle in one sitting; I don't, but I could. 
  • Hayden's Pink Lemonade: This is a thing in my hometown--and arguably the single best thing about my hometown. It's probably 1/3 sugar and a trillion calories but OMGSOGOOD. 

To listen to:

  • Phil Collins: I apologize to no one for this.
  • Instrumental soundtracks: especially when driving. Nothing makes you feel quite like you're on an adventure like listening to instrumental movie soundtracks while you're zipping down the highway at 70mph (or, um....whatever the speed limit happens to be, of course).
  • RENT: In college, one of my best friends and I would drive around town blaring the RENT movie soundtrack with the windows down, and singing at the top of our lungs. And if you doubted that little ol' alto me could hit the high note in "Seasons of Love," then you, my friend, would be sorely mistaken. (Also, if you lived in Springfield during this period and witnessed this, I am only slightly embarrassed).
  • Gregorian chants: So, I went through this period of revitalization and exploration, faith-wise, and after reading "The Sacred Way" by Tony Jones (which is a book that I could not recommend more, by the way), I started implementing monastic spiritual practices into my every day life. One of those practices was meditation, and I would listen to Gregorian chants in Latin while I meditated. It sounds really cliche and new-agey and whatever, but I loved it, and I've loved Gregorian chanting ever since. Judge me. 
  • Toto: yeah, I don't know either. 
So do you think I'm a complete weirdo now? What are some of your guilty pleasures?


  1. Mostly I just like that you're guilty pleasures aren't the kind that are actually pretty cool-- I mean, seriously, these aren't cool. But they are awesome. And I think I am going to read The Sacred Way because I think that might be just the thing I need.

    1. Haha! "Cool" is definitely not a word that has ever described me! ;)

  2. Long John Silver's crunchies. I used to order a side of ONLY THOSE!

  3. 1. The crunchies at LJS are insane and I want to marry them.
    2. I LOVE RENT SO MUCH. I have a Spotify playlist dedicated to all of my favorite musical songs... you bet I have Take Me or Leave Me on there and YES, I do perform a one woman show in my car, thank you very much. ;)
    3. GOMI. The guilty pleasure of all guilty pleasures. I read it every night before bed. I have contributed before on like 2 threads, but it's just every now and then that I will. There used to be a thread about me and I was one of those annoying bloggers that comes on to defend themselves. Yup. They totally ate that up and made me feel even worse. But hey! I still read it!

  4. I love the honesty! Seriously though, so many of these are my life.

  5. I'll admit it, I tend to lurk on GOMI, and even occasionally contribute to a couple threads. It's taught me a lot of what not to do when it comes to blogging. Also, chai lattes = amazing. And I'm also a fan of Gregorian chants, I even have a couple records that include them.


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