Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Watching: SVU. (Surprised?) Well, really it's just more on in the background, but the Robin Williams episode is on and that is some captivating television, man.

Hearing: Oliver purring like a little engine and Henry mewing miserably from the bathroom. Introducing cats is NOT FUN, you guys. I joked that the two days I took off were my "kittycation," but there has been nothing vacation-like about this day. I mean, I do get some major cuddles, but that's it. Henry doesn't like Oliver, and Oliver doesn't like that Henry doesn't like him, so we're taking this slow. I've basically been letting one kitty out to roam while the other is stuck in the bathroom, and every hour they rotate (our bedroom has become a temporary holding cell). They're definitely going to get used to each others' scents, but the pitiful meows I hear coming from the bathroom constantly are wrecking my heart.

Eating: Um. Spanish rice and cubed spicy garden cheddar Osceola cheese. I'm a grownup.


Wearing: One of Tyler's old John Mayer concert tees (shhhh) and leggings. Because leggings are totally not pants....unless you're talking pajama pants. That doesn't count.

Loving: all these kitty cuddles. Major heart eyes over here.

Stressing out about: Henry and Oliver getting along. I know it just takes time--I mean, we've had Oliver for less than 24 hours!--but I just worry that we're doing introductions wrong and they're going to hate each other forever. I barely slept last night. This is why I don't have human children.

Wishing: Henry would stop being a butthead. I mean, seriously. Also for more coffee. And maybe a snowcone.

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