Monday, March 28, 2016

Springfield Trip: Part Two

You know it was a good trip, when you can't even fit four days into a single post (you can find part one here)! We had such a blast in our few short days, though; it really was bittersweet driving back to KC. Springfield is really such a special place, and I do miss it every single day. Here are a few more snaps from our trip:
I love being downtown. Those old buildings are wonderful. Springfield doesn't have much of a skyline, but it does have a lot of history, and there are few places where you can feel that as much as the area around the square (and C-street!).

We originally had plans to explore the antique malls in Ozark, because there are a ton, but we ran out of time! We did make the drive down to Funtiques, though; it's one of my very favorite vintage shops in the area. I came away with a 1985 tea towel (my birth year--totally aging myself, I know!), an All in the Family book (one of my top 10 favorite shows of all time) and an antique radio face. I have plans for that little guy, but I'll be sure to post pictures when it's finished; it was such a unique find!

We decided on lunch at Tea Bar & Bites. Mom was sold on this place the moment we walked through the door. (I also introduced her to a London Fog, which may have been the highlight of her trip!) She got the curry chicken salad with thyme potato salad and Thai noodles, and I got the Mediterranean platter. We also split some chipotle potato soup which was to die for. Everything was so good!

And as a huge bonus, we ate our lunch surrounded by my close friend Michelle's incredible artwork, which is being featured there and at a coffee shop on the square! So proud of you, Michelle!
We spent some more time exploring local shops, (like the Market) and  not-so-local shops, before making our way to C-Street (Commercial Street, for you folks unfamiliar with Springfield). We stopped at Eurasia for coffee, which is SO GOOD. Why do I keep finding new places to try (and love) after I leave? Life is unfair sometimes. By the time we left, the sun was setting, so we headed back to the hotel. Then I went back up to meet up with Michelle for a drink while mom relaxed in the hotel.

Our last day in Springfield began bright and early, since we only had a few hours. Mom wanted to get back home before dark, and I had scheduled a hair appointment at 1:00. No matter how many years I live in KC, I will always drive back to Springfield for my haircuts. You might say I have trust issues, but I've been with the same gal since college, and she's never steered me wrong.
 We started the morning at my favorite breakfast spot, Gailey's. There is nothing on earth that can compete with those sweet-browns. All the sweet memories I have there don't hurt, either.
We also had to make a pit stop at my favorite little purple building, Elle's Patisserie, for some lavender iced coffee and macarons. We spent some time in the patio area before parting ways. Such a perfect way to end a mother-daughter trip (or any trip for that matter!).

Afterward, mom headed home, and I went to the salon. An hour or so later, I left with some ideas of fun hair colors I might want to try (!) and a much better look. :) I made a quick pit stop by Hurt's Donuts for a half-dozen to take back & split with Tyler, and headed back to Kansas City.

I'm already trying to make plans for another Springfield trip. I love KC, but I think Springfield will always feel like home. I'm so thankful that it's only about 3 hours away and I can still visit frequently. I don't know how I'd survive without regular access to some of my favorite spots!

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