Monday, March 7, 2016

West Bottoms Weekend

On Saturday, Tyler and I went to West Bottoms, which is an old industrial part of Kansas City. The first weekend of every month is what is locally known as "West Bottoms Weekend." There are a ton of antique vendors and stores that open up (some of them are only open during these weekends and other special events), food trucks come in, and it's just the best sort of chaos. This was the first time we had joined in, and we didn't really know what to expect. Most of the stores are housed in old factory buildings, some sharing space, and you can literally walk out of one store and into another without even realizing it at times. I'm pretty sure you would actually have to dedicate the entire weekend if you truly wanted to get through everything; most shops are packed to the brim with treasures (and people!), and they're multiple stories high. Needless to say, it was a blast, and we came away with a few goodies--and some new favorite shops--for our trouble. 

This was our favorite shop of the whole trip, Goldie & Myrtles! My aunt knows the owners and had told us about it, and it was a dream--the perfect combination of vintage & modern style. I could have taken everything home! 

Loved this shop too, and that sign makes me think of Ryan Adams every time!

 While we were initially trying to find a place to park, I remember telling Tyler, "This will probably be fun once we get parked, but I'll probably never want to do it again." I don't tend to do well in crowds--I get claustrophobic, stressed, and anxious. But honestly, it wasn't too bad, and most people were friendly. I think we'll definitely be making a habit of it!

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