Saturday, July 12, 2014

Project Life: 8 & 9

Confession--I got really behind on Project Life. Like, six weeks behind. I had all the photos in pockets, but that was it, until last weekend. I had a really productive scrapbooking day and caught it all up in just a few hours (well, minus some of the journaling, but that will hopefully be taken care of today). I took some photos to post here on the blog, and decided to check and see the last week I had shared. I figured it wouldn't be a huge deal if I skipped a couple weeks and just posted the spreads I had just finished.

Um, it was week seven.



In light of my gross level of, um, slackerishness, I decided to bite the bullet and go back to week eight. I don't normally post on weekends, but for the next couple of months I'll be sharing 2-3 weekly spreads every Saturday until I'm caught up. Feel free to skip them if PL isn't your thing (I promise I won't be offended!).

For starters, here are week 8 & 9.

Week 8, left side:

Week 8, right side:

Week 9, left side:


Week 9, right side:


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