Monday, July 21, 2014

Project Life: 29

I'm just going to apologize right out of the gate for the crappy photo quality. I just wasn't feeling it this week (scrapbooking, I mean), which resulted in procrastination, the pages taking longer than they should have, and me losing any chance at decent natural light in our apartment. Then I realized that I screwed up on the left side, so I had to go back, fix, and re-photograph it--which is why the picture for the left side looks even blurrier/grainier/crappier than the right. I could have tried to lug some lamps around and rephotograph it, but it was 9pm, I was tired, and I just wanted to curl up in bed with a book and be done. #craptasticbloggeroftheyear


Even with all that, I'm surprisingly happy with how the right side page turned out at least. It probably doesn't hurt that it represents an exceptionally lovely weekend. That ice cream card is a little cheesy, but it's fun, and that's really what summer's all about right? Right.



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