Thursday, July 31, 2014



Feeling: like I need about 10-gazillion hours of sleep.

Eating: roasted chickpeas. New addiction.

Drinking: chai lattes. Not-so-new addiction.

Watching: our little kittehs sleep. I'm trying to talk Tyler into Midsomer Murders, but he's pretending he can't hear me. Punk.

Reading: a Dominique Moceanu autobiography. #gymnasticsnerd

Thinking about: planning a quick trip to Portland sometime in the fall. I need to travel. ASAP.

Loving: that I finally have a date scheduled to visit Miss Sarah!

Excited about: going to Poplar Bluff next week. Normally that is not something I'd be thrilled about, but I haven't been home in over a year. I'm ready for some pink lemonade and gravel roads.

Stressing over: our apartment. It's bummin' me out right now.

Listening to: lots of the new Sia album. I mean, I think it's great, but Tyler is borderline obsessed.

Worried about: our little Henry--he's showing some signs of health problems again. :(

Obsessing over: this link that Haley sent to me on Twitter. WORLDS COLLIDE.

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  1. Oh no, I hope Henry is okay :-( It's the worst when pets are sick. And I LOVE roasted chickpeas. I can't even make them because I'll eat an entire can in one sitting!


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