Wednesday, July 9, 2014



A photo of my grandmother--proof that she was much cooler than I will ever be, and further evidence that I was definitely born in the wrong decade. I wonder if I will have grandchildren, and if they will look at old photographs of me someday with the same awe and longing that I feel when I look at photos of my grandparents. I wonder if they'll lament that everything was so amazing "back then"--if they'll feel about the 2000's the way that I feel about the 1950s. Or perhaps the 50s were just the most amazing decade of all time, the decade that all decades will forever be compared to. Sorry, 2000s, even my grandkids won't be as wowed by you.


  1. Such a great picture. It's always crazy to think that far into the future and wonder just how far our pictures will be passed on, and with today's technology it will last even longer. That's why I love photos and personal blogs, because I would have loved to see and read about the everyday life of my ancestors.


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