Friday, July 4, 2014

Life Lately

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1. Finally making some progress on my wedding album (only 2+ years after the fact) // 2. Decided I needed a haircut...since it had been a solid year since my last one. Eeek! // 3. Stopped by Grayson Home last Friday to meet the lovely Sharon in person after being internet friends for what seems like ages! So glad that lady is back in Springfield! // 4. I've started a tradition (two times can totally be a tradition, right?) of treating myself to a lavender iced coffee from Elle's after a haircut. I don't need a reason.
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5. Sometimes you just have to ignore the calories and just have Five Guys for dinner. And you also have to sneak-attack photograph your husband when he's not looking so he won't cross his eyes and make ridiculous faces in all your pictures. // 6. Nibbled on some macarons and listened to Lana Del Rey on the way to meet Layne for our photo adventure Saturday. I have literally listened to nothing else since that album released. #obsessed. // 7. We finally watched American Hustle ("finally" should be my motto, I swear). We have a habit of seeing movies at a minimum of six months after they release. But, I mean, Redbox is a dollar, sooooo...... // 8. Henry had to make an unplanned vet visit Monday for a respiratory virus. We debated whether or not to take him, but ultimately it was a "better safe than sorry" type situation. I was super stressed out about him being ill--I swear, I could not handle human children.

If you're reading in the US, I hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day! I'll be celebrating my freedom to read books and drink coffee all day!

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  1. Sick pets are the WORST! We made a midnight vet hospital run not too long ago for Gizzy. #expensive #butworthit

    Happy 4th!!!


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