Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 Faves: LUSH masks

Since moving to Kansas City, I've become a bit of a LUSH addict (and no, this isn't a sponsored post!). I keep a stockpile of bath bombs in my bathroom cabinet, and I've talked a bit about my favorites here. If the bath bombs suddenly (and tragically) disappeared from the shelves tomorrow, though, there's another reason I would keep coming back: face masks. I thought I'd share my five faves today.

1// BB Seaweed. This was my LUSH mask gateway drug. It's the one I use most often, and is really my default mask when I'm not having any major skin issues. If I could only use one mask for the rest of forever, it would be this guy.

2// Don't Look at Me. This is my go-to morning mask when my skin needs a good wake-up. It cleans and brightens (and the gorgeous blue color doesn't hurt either).

3// Rosy Cheeks. I love floral scents, so this is pretty heavenly. I use this when my skin needs a little extra TLC, or I just feel like treating myself. I have friends with rosacea who swear by this mask, but for me it just helps my face feel clean and soft.

4// Catastrophe Cosmetic. I slather this on when I can feel the breakouts looming--generally that means I've gone to sleep without washing my makeup off (BAD JESS). Luckily I know my skin well enough to know that I will regret my bad choices, and I'll use this the morning after to mitigate the damage.

5//Cosmetic Warrior. I use this when I need to bring out the big guns. It's not the greatest smelling thing in the world (tea tree and garlic anyone?) but if you need your skin to calm the f*** down, this is the mask for you. I use it frequently as a spot treatment when my skin hasn't gone full-on crazy. (Can I also just say how annoying it is to be 30 and still have the need for an acne mask? I thought that was the trade-off for joining the 3-0 club. What exactly am I getting out of this deal?)

Any other LUSH addicts out there? What are your faves? 

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