Thursday, June 9, 2016

Viola Maye

Yesterday I talked about intentional friendships, and today I'm going to talk about my first intentional friend: her name is Layne Eckhardt, and she is one of the most talented and creative people I know. A few years ago, Layne sent me a message after one of my blog posts resonated with her and she asked if we could get coffee. We followed each other's blogs and Instagrams, but had never met in "real life"--and of course, I said yes immediately. Coincidentally, immediately is also the time frame in which we became friends. We had so many common views, experiences, and interests (even though she has more talent in her left pinkie finger than I have in my whole body) that we just clicked. Soon we were having craft nights and taking thrifting trips....and getting lots more coffee, of course. Layne was really into fiber art and had begun making the most incredible weavings; during one of our trips, she confessed that she was thinking about opening an Etsy shop.  

Spoiler alert: she did! She named her shop Viola Maye after her grandmother, and since moving to Seattle about a year ago, she's shifted into selling beautiful handmade and custom macrame wall hangings and plant hangers.Recently, she sent me one as a gift, and I haven't stopped obsessing over it--I literally rearranged my living room walls to accommodate it. I mean, look at it!

(Why don't blogs have heart-eye emojis?!)

Since she's in Seattle now, she has access to this gorgeous driftwood that she collects from Puget Sound and uses in her wall hangings. I'm so excited to visit her next month--maybe she'll let me tag along on one of her driftwood searches!

What might be the craziest thing is that she's self-taught from vintage macrame books and Youtube videos (I told you she's one of the most talented people I know). I sweet talked her into doing an interview for Creative Chat for fiber art month this fall, and I can't wait to pry more into her process and sources of inspiration. 

If you're falling in love with Layne's work and want a wall hanging or plant hanger of your own, just check out She has some gorgeous premade wall-hangings in her store, and can do made-to-order and custom orders too. The turnaround time is about two weeks (less for premade orders!) and she can ship worldwide. And just because I love ya, here's a code for 20% any purchase over $50: JESS20.

You can see more of Layne and her amazing work on her blog, Etsy, and Instagram


  1. I think she makes "my favorite" piece, then she produces ANOTHER that quickly becomes my new favorite! She is so good. I am DYING that you are visiting her! I can't wait to hear about the visit!

    1. Right?! I squealed like a kid when I opened that package! She's so good!

  2. That is seriously gorgeous! I would totally rearrange an entire room for it, too. Oh, about the emoji thing! I don't know what type of computer you use, but on a Mac you can find and use them in the character menu. It doesn't always work on all sites (Facebook, ugh!) and browsers, but I use them on my blog every once in a while ��

    1. Annnnd apparently, I just found a new place they don't work lol! Oh well, worth a try!

    2. What?! I didn't know that!


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