Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creative Chat: Emma Marion

It's time for another  Creative Chat! This month is photography month, and I'm interviewing the gorgeous and talented  Emma Marion, who is a part-time ethereal fairy goddess in addition to being an amazing photographer. I just finished up a photography class, so I'm extra excited to read Emma's answers and get a peek inside her creative mind.  

1// What do you love most about photography? 
I adore just being able to create. To have a vision and be able to create it and make it come to life. I also adore being able to make a career out of my art, it's the best feeling ever.

2// When did you first become interested in photography? When did you decide that you wanted to pursue photography for yourself? I first became interested in photography in 2009 and started to get serious about making it my career in 2013. My husband (boyfriend at the time) & his brother owned a little Nikon D60 and having a love for all art, I was hooked. It was their camera, but I had it most of the time. (Thanks guys for putting up with me stealing it all the time, LOL).

3// What was your learning process (did you take classes, study online, find a mentor, etc)? Photography was self taught for me. When you're truly passionate about something, you do everything you can to learn all about it. There weren't any photography classes available at our small community college, so I took it upon myself to learn.  I also had the help & advice from a fellow photographer (Katie Payne) who really helped & encouraged me to keep pushing for my dream. Love you Katie!!!

4// Where do you find inspiration? Are there other photographers you look up to?

Oh gosh, I find inspiration EVERYWHERE. As an artist, I have an eye for creating, but am definitely inspired by other photographers and being a part of community groups online that other amazing photographers are a part of! My top fav photographers would have to be Dylan Howell, Emily Magers , and of course my local friend Katie Payne.

5// Have you ever hit a creative block? What did you do to overcome it?  I think any & all creatives hit a creative block at some point in their careers. For me, first starting off as a wedding photographer was my hardest time. It took a lot of patience and just getting out of my comfort zone to overcome it. Trusting God with every part of my photography is key!

6// From first click to final edit, what is your favorite part of the photography process? I would have to say the whole process! Minus the hours of staring at the computer screen. I love getting to create and being with my clients. I LOVE connecting as much as I love creating. Also, nothing quite beats getting to edit and bring your work to life when you finally get those images on your computer. I get so excited!

7// Your husband is also a photographer. What is it like working alongside someone you’re close to, and sharing the same creative medium? Are your creative processes similar or drastically different?

IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE! Working with my best friend is my biggest blessing. He helps push me out of my comfort zone to create my best work, he supports me when this introverted lady meets clients in other states for the first time, and SO MUCH MORE. Dilan has a slightly different eye than me which helps us compliment each other while shooting. Its such a blessing. I "oohh & aww" over his work all the time!

8// If you had to create a beginner’s toolkit for a beginning photographer, what would it contain?
It would contain all the LOVE possible. Beginning your own business can be tough, especially when it's something so personal to you. It has highs and lows. So Hugs, Support, and tons of Pep Talks!

9// What advice would you give someone who is just beginning to explore photography as a means of creative expression?

I would suggest getting connected with as many photographers as possible. My biggest blessing when really starting photography was being able to ask for help, advice, and having support. You need that support team. Get plugged in, there are so many amazing photographers out there, remember it's not a competition, its a community. You won't get far unless you have that community.

10// What are you most proud of in your creative journey?

GROWTH. Taking that risk of putting my work out there and getting out of my comfort zone. I've come a long way and I'm constantly growing and learning. I think that is really what life is about in general.

Thanks Emma! You can see more of Emma and her work here:

All photos provided by Emma Marion

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