Monday, February 11, 2013

music monday: angus stone

My husband introduced me to Angus & Julia stone when we were exchanging cds through the mail before we even started dating. (Everybody together, now--"awwwwww".) I had no idea he liked me & he had no idea I liked him, either. We talked about music quite a bit, so I just thought he wanted to introduce me to some bands. Little did I know that he was slipping in songs that were indicative of his feelings for me, and a couple of those were by Angus & Julia Stone. Angus released a solo album called "Broken Brights" last year, and I'm a big fan, for more than just sentimental reasons. I can't say that it's the most cohesive album I've ever listened to--some songs are Bob Dylan-esque, and some I swear are being sung by Tom Petty-- but dang, it's good.

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