Friday, February 22, 2013

life this week pt 2: antiques

I'm heading into another weekend today, so I thought I had better catch up on the last one. I don't really foresee doing much today, since the weather is bitterly cold and there's ice still hanging around. This time last week I was whipping up some of Sarah's famous breakfast enchiladas. These suckers are ah-may-zing, you guys. Since I can't convince her to start a blog of her own (ahem, Sarah!), I might post the recipe soon. So tasty.

Sunday while the hubs was at work, my brother came over and we decided to go poke around Relics for awhile. I love that place, but like most antique stores, I have hit & miss days. This day, I could have bought the whole place. I didn't, but I could have. I might have to head back over there this weekend too. I have reverse buyers remorse over a couple of gems I left behind.

My brother was reeeeeeeeeally excited about this. GO SPEED RACER, GO!

In loooooooooooove.

Okay, I have begun to recognize that I have a problem. I'm a bit obsessed with old cameras. I HAVE to pick them up and look through them. (Also, please ignore how weird I look in that picture. I got ready in literally 5 minutes.)

So glad my brother is around, and that he loves digging through old junk as much as I do. I think I've convinced him to have a monthly brother-sister thrifting day with me and I seriously can't wait to go. Maybe I should have asked him about a weekly trip instead. 

Hope your week was lovely!

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  1. LOL I also love thrift shops but you need time and patience to get the good stuff. It's really cool that your brother is interested in that kind of thing!


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