Thursday, February 28, 2013

Around Town: Aunt Martha's Pancake House

I feel super lucky to live in a town with so many genuinely great local restaurants. Moving back here after living in a town that had three restaurants--I'm talking in the whole town, there were three total--has really made me appreciate the variety and quality of the options we have here. Aunt Martha's is one of those places that makes me love Springfield a little extra.

 I introduced my brother to Aunt Martha's about a month ago, and he's already been back FOUR TIMES. Okay, so one of those times was with my husband and I, but still. It's seriously delicious.

Here are my two favorite things about Aunt Martha's: (1) When I walk in, I feel like I'm in a small town diner. I know a lot of people wouldn't exactly consider Springfield a large town, but I grew up in the country outside a town about a tenth the size of Springfield, and I went to school in a town even smaller than that--I had 60 people in my graduating class. This feels like home. (2) The food is real homecookin' y'all. It seriously tastes like there is a sweet little grandma in the kitchen making all of this stuff. It's soooooooo tasty.

 After we ate here last Friday, I posted something on Twitter about it, and I found out that it was my Grandpa Bud's favorite place to eat in Springfield. I never knew that, but it's so comforting, somehow--knowing that even though he's gone, we still have connections like this, small as they may be.

Aunt Martha's, thanks for existing. We love you.

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