Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas at Union Station

A couple years ago, while we were up in KC visiting family for Thanksgiving, we went to Union Station to see the Christmas decorations. Once we knew that we were moving up here, I decided to make it a KC Christmas tradition. It is just so beautiful. It's been a little hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit, since the weather has been so unseasonably warm, but we went Saturday night, and it sure did the trick.

 They had the festival plaza blocked off for a special event, which broke my heart, but there was so much to see in the main hall that my disappointment didn't last long.

 The last time we came to Union Station, it was the same night as the Plaza Lighting Ceremony, and Union Station was virtually deserted. In other words, it was perfect. Saturday that was not exactly the case. Needless to say we learned our lesson. Not that it wasn't beautiful and wonderful this time, but there's something special about having a grandiose old building all to yourself at night.....especially when it's all lit up for the holidays. I managed to snap a few decent photos anyway.

The photos really don't do it justice. If you're ever in KC around Christmastime, I cannot recommend this enough.

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