Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Westport Wanderings

Last weekend, Tyler and I met up with our pals Sarah & Scott, who were in town visiting Sarah's family for Thanksgiving. We spent most of Saturday running around, checking out the remaining Black Friday weekend deals and just generally enjoying each other's company. (Excuse the crappy iPhone photos--we were too busy having fun to take *real* pictures--or many pictures at all!)

I wish I could say that we spent all of our time at small, local shops, but honestly--I don't know that many local shops here yet. (Finding some favorites is on my ever-growing list of New Year's Resolutions.) We did wander down to Westport, though, to make a quick stop at a local vintage shop and my favorite little record store on earth, Mills Record Co.

Black Friday Record Store Day this year didn't have anything I was dying to have--at least not enough to fight the crowds. There were a couple things I was interested in, though, and they still had both--the Garden State soundtrack (shut up, it takes me back to college!) and a 7" Phil Collins (shut up, it's the soundtrack to my childhood). So I snagged 'em and called the trip a success.

It was a great day. Now I just have to explore KC some more so I have lots of great places to take Sarah when she visits again (or any of my other friends......ahem. *ComevisitmepleaseImissyouallsomuch*). I'm always up for suggestions!

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  1. I still have my Garden State soundtrack and I still love it. No shame. And that light fixture...


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