Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello, December.

Whoa. December. When did that happen? It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here, finally. Usually our tree is up the day after Halloween because I'm a bit of a Christmas nut, but for some reason this year has been a bit slower. Tyler surprised me by putting up the main tree while I was at work a couple weeks ago, but we didn't do much else until this past weekend. It's still not exactly as festive as usual, but it's getting there.

For some reason, I've had a harder time getting in the Christmas spirit this year; I think part of it is that I'm still readjusting to post-grad life, and also the fact that it was still in the 60s, temperature wise, just a week or so ago. We did manage to have a nice batch of freezing rain this past weekend, but that's more annoying than Christmas-y. If you have any ideas for getting in the holiday mood, I'm all ears. For now, I think I'm going to light some candles, put on some Bing Crosby, and finish decorating.

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