Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vinyl Love// Daughter: If You Leave

If You Leave by Daughter.

In 3 words: ethereal, emotive, balanced

Favorite tracks: Youth, Amsterdam, Human

This record became one of my favorites immediately after it came out a couple years ago. Even though it's old news by now, I decided to post it anyway, because I rediscovered it recently and I've been spinning it nonstop again. It's perfect cold-weather music, and is equally enchanting whether you're zoning out in your apartment or driving around in your car with no destination. I think it's a delicate balance making a record that is cohesive without every song sounding too much the same, and Daughter achieves that balance very very well. They have a new record release just around the corner (in January), and you better believe I'll be pouncing on that one the day it comes out. 

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