Monday, March 3, 2014



Watching: Snow plows (finally) moving up and down our street. Is it spring yet? Spring is coming, right? We're not stuck in an eternal winter, are we?

Eating: some blueberry muffins I made for breakfast. They might be lunch and dinner, too. Yum.

Drinking: PG Tips. There's no better drink for a snowy day than hot tea. I'll fight ya if you say otherwise. ;) 

Reading: some Sylvia Plath, off and on. She's the break I take in between all the bouts of productivity I've been forcing this morning. 

Working on: dishes, laundry, mending, blogging, and England/Ireland-trip-planning. The wanderlust has kicked in again.

Excited about: Getting out of town in a couple of weeks. It's just Kansas City, but like I said, the wanderlust is upon me.

Dreading: Scraping all the ice of my car. Mother Nature, you are a vile creature sometimes.

Wishing: I could have a Game of Thrones marathon with the mister, but alas, he's working from home today, so he actually has to do stuff. Psh. Who does stuff on a snow day?


  1. *AHEM* UM KANSAS CITY? That's weird...I live there...

    1. Haha, yep! There's a three-day comic convention that Tyler is dying to go to. I'm kinda.....along for the ride. Lol.

  2. Those little muffins look so delicious! And I am seriously jealous of your snow day... I have not seen a single flake of snow fall this winter. Every time it snows I am out of town.

    1. You can definitely have some of ours! I have lost so many vacation days to snow this year!


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