Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Floral and Rusty Metal


I'm a dreamer, a wanderer. I can't remember a time I wasn't thinking of traveling to far-off places, meeting new people, and soaking in other cultures and languages. Adventures in exotic locations probably consume more of my daydreams than anything else. I mean, I live in Missouri; we aren't exactly known for our variety in topography or abundance of culture.


Missouri does have its charm, though. There may not be breathtaking landscapes around every turn, but that just means we have to look a little bit harder to see the beauty around us. I think that's why we Midwesterners love our sunsets--we appreciate those dramatic displays of nature so much because they're a little harder to come by around here.

 I don't know about most Missourians, but it also means that I find beauty in slightly unconventional places, too--like the lines of rusty old metal just laying around on the side of a highway. And if a person can find beauty in that, well, I suppose beauty can be found just about anywhere if you just look hard enough.

(Outfit details: shirt-thrifted // kimono-f21 //  pants-f21 // shoes-Target // hat-f21 // watch: Urban Outfitters)

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  1. I love finding beauty in unexpected places! Loving that kimono too, so pretty!


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