Tuesday, March 4, 2014

IG Lately


1. ANOTHER winter storm. Spring, where ya at?
2. Adding a little color to some crafting projects. 
3. Living outside of the city does have it's advantages. 
4. Project Life all weekend long.
5. I could have strawberries and tea for breakfast every morning.
6. I want to snatch this clock from Aviary. So precious!
7. Made-from-scratch potato soup. 
8. Trying to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Ignore the bacon.
9. Winter, you are pretty, but GAH.
10. Rotten day? Retail therapy and coffee. Problem solved. 
11. I am SO ready for spring.
12. Those days when I have to go to work in the snow = lots and lots of coffee.
13. Volcano Choir is the best soundtrack to a snowy day.
14. Snow days mean I stay in my pajamas, drink Italian sodas, and read magazines all day.
15. Sleepy at 6:30. No shame in granny bedtimes. 
16. Dreary, foggy weather is my favorite weather. 

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