Thursday, September 26, 2013

September's Favorite Reads

September has been good to me. The weather has been lovely and the weekends have been full. The blogs have also had lots to offer this month--I've been favoriting left and right on Bloglovin. Here are some of my favorite posts from this month. If you have any to add, feel free to send them my way!


1.  "Grilled Cheese" at Little Lady, Little City Honestly, I almost skimmed right over this, because I thought, "Grilled cheese? Seriously?" but I was intrigued, and I'm glad I didn't pass it by. Now I'm looking for other ways to fancy up an old staple. 

2. "Apple Cider Pancakes" at Sincerely Kinsey The magic words have been spoken: apple cider. Now that fall has officially arrived, I want apple cider everything. These look amazing!

3. "Lavender Iced Coffee" and "PSL Syrup" at A Beautiful Mess Apparently I'm all about the food-related posts this month, but I mean seriously. The ability to make two of my favorite coffee-related drinks at home? Sign. me. up. I may have to experiment with my own ideas for syrups after reading these. 

4. "How I Made My Own Giant Doily Rug" at Always Rooney. I am droooooooling over this rug, guys. I might literally have to go teach myself to crochet just so I can make it. I love Courtney's blog; she has the greatest tutorials, and she's also a fellow Springfield blogger.

5. "It's Okay" at The Daily Simple. Sometimes you just need a good reminder. 

6. "Park Bench Time" at The Skinny Luv This was the sweetest post, and such a well-articulated view of an experience that I think most married folks have at one point or another.

7. "Blogging: What Didn't Work" at Lovely Indeed I don't think I would call myself a "serious blogger." I mean, this is really just a hobby, and I'm not really too concerned with pageviews and followers. At the same time, though, blogging is really interesting to me and I enjoy it a lot; it's something that I plan on continuing and I feel like I should do my best at it. The more I can learn, the better...and hey, I never turn down good advice. 

8. "DIY Book Letters" at The MerryThought As much as I love my books, you might think that I would see cutting some up as blasphemy. Well, you would be wrong...sort of. Some books are pretty, but not really, um, well-written--perfect for slicing up and decorating with. Books aren't sacred; good books are sacred. That said, if I ever see you "restyling" anything by Steinbeck, I will straight up cut you. 

9. "(Word) Search to My Heart" and "Poker Face" at Secret Life of Bee These little snippets about the beginnings of Bri & her husband's relationship are the sweetest thing ever. Reading about her developing crush and giddy feelings during their initial flirtations has pretty much induced a constant stream of "aww"s. So cute. 

10. "Oregon, You're a Dream" at Floral Mountains  Pretty much anytime anyone posts pictures from my favorite state, you can bet I'm glued to the screen--not to mention my favorite place in my favorite state. I die. It doesn't hurt that they're gorgeous shots, either.

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  1. Oh my goshhhh now I am seriously craving a fancy grilled cheese! Apple cider pancakes... yum! Also love that It's Okay post... great to hear. I am loving those Oregon photos also... some very close to my part of town. :) Such a lovely place I'm lucky enough to call home.


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