Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Reads Last Week

I probably spend way too much time online, because not only am I basically addicted to every form of social media in existence, but I also follow no fewer than 108 blogs on Bloglovin. Clearly I am an insane person.


Anyway, here are  a few of my favorite reads from last week!

1. "Oregon Coast," "Monday in Portland," and "Oregon Coast Pt 2" at Smile Me Pretty
Everything Emma has posted this week has been making my little Oregon-loving heart go pitter-patter. Her video in Portland is the cutest thing, and those photos of the coast are soooooo dreamy. K-I-L-L-I-N-G me. We are definitely kindred spirits.

2. "How I Learned to Work When I Didn't Feel Like It"  at Storyline Blog
Don kicks my butt. Seriously. If I made a list of my friends who had greatly impacted me, his name would be somewhere toward the top. Whether it's in conversation or in a blog post, he always manages to give me insight into myself or advice that I need to hear, and I love that.

3. "Table Up-Cycle & Compromise" at These Threads
This cart--I need it. Need. I'm always so intimidated when it comes to updating furniture, but this looks like something I could actually pull off. It's perfect.

4. "Clearing Out Challenge" at Always Rooney
I loved this post. I am the absolute worst when it comes to getting rid of clothes. Once every few years I just get fed up and haul boxes and boxes to the Goodwill, but with that exception, I'm the queen of "....but what if I need it after I give it away?" (Yeah, you guys are going to see my apartment on an episode of Hoarders one day, and I'll be flailing around under a pile of graphic tees.) This post really tugged at me, though, and I found myself looking at some of my clothes differently. I feel a purge in my future.

5. "I Have This Crazy Idea. Want to Hear It?" at The Daily Simple
Gosh darn, I just love it when people get crazy-awesome ideas and just go for it. When those ideas go against the grain and involve good causes, even better. Talk about inspiring. I'm rooting for Aubrey's new venture, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

6. "Peach Pie Bellini" at Lark & Lace
YUM. I'm all about peach lately. I blame my brother--he brought Campbell peaches when he visited last weekend. (If you've never had a peach from Campbell, Missouri, you are missing out, my friend.) I'll definitely be filing this recipe away.

7. "Floating on Glass: Lake Louise" at Lune Blog
Can we just talk for a minute about how breathtakingly gorgeous these pictures are? Why are all these bloggers insisting on giving me insatiable wanderlust?

What about you? Any good reads you found that I know about? Leave a link for me!

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