Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Gosh darn it, Labor Day, I love you. I mean seriously, a holiday from work just because we work? America, sometimes you're awesome.


I'm clinging today for as long as I can. The weekend has flown by so fast already--faster, it seems, than shorter weekends. I swear it should be Saturday. My brother came into town for a wedding and stayed with us for a couple days, and most of Tyler's family was in for a local festival, so our weekend was nice & busy. It's been full of laughter, living room guitar + banjo jam sessions, and long conversations...not to mention a huge family breakfast at one of our favorite local spots.  Today we're just going to have a low-key day--I'm going to catch up on some blogging and other little projects, and Tyler's in the midst of a video-game coma. I might try to talk him into taking a little drive and seeing if we can find an open antique store to browse. :) Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend.

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  1. Love love love that picture. Really, I just blinked and the weekend disappeared. But it was great. :)


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