Saturday, August 10, 2013

My little bro.

Growing up in the country, there weren't many kids around. Sure we had church and play dates with friends, but as far as day-to-day goes, I was pretty much on my least until my little brother Ethan was born when I was almost five. When we were younger, we fought a LOT (mainly because I was a bit of a brat, if we're being honest), but we also had more than our fair share of adventures, like the time Ethan caught a baby bunny with his bare hands....or the time I tricked him into eating dog food (brat, remember?)..........or the time we had a mud war......or the time he ran us into a tree while driving the four-wheeler. It seems like we just grew closer the older we became. By the time I was a teenager, he was threatening my boyfriends with the classic, "You break her heart and I'll break your face,"--an interesting threat from an 11-year-old, but he definitely meant it. Through college and across the state, we'd talk for hours on the phone. We held hands as we watched our father pass away, and last year, he was the one to walk me down the aisle when Tyler and I were married.


Today is Ethan's birthday, so today I'm celebrating 23 years of having a confidant, protector, partner-in-crime, and friend. I couldn't be luckier. We've been through a lot in those years, especially in the past few, but everything we've faced has just made us closer, and our bond stronger. I love you, baby brother. Thanks for 23 years of awesome.


  1. I always wanted a brother! I truly feel like the brother sister bond is something so special. I have a sister, but it's just not the same. :)

    1. That's so funny--I always wanted a sister so we could share clothes! Ha. I wouldn't trade my brother for anything, though. He's the greatest.

  2. Love this post!



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