Friday, August 2, 2013

Life in IG: Catching Up

Thanks to the big computer debacle of 2013, it's been a bit since I've done an IG post. So there are a lot of photos. I tried to pare it down a bit (you're welcome)! Here's what's been happenin'.

I finally, FINALLY got to meet the lovely Alyssa, after ages of being internet friends. I went to high school with her husband, Joshua, and he's one of the few people I still talk to from back home (thank you, internet), so we met online through him. When she came to town, we knew we had our chance to get together, so we went to Brown Egg and hit up a couple local thrift shops. Then later we went by Elle's for ice cream with our husbands and some friends of Josh & Alyssa's. It was a blast, and nice to catch up with Josh, too; it's been *ahem* a few years since high school. 

I'm fully addicted to lavender iced coffee from Elle's Patisserie. I know you guys must be getting tired of hearing about that place by now, but yes, I'm actually there that much. There will be at least three references to Elle's in this post, and no, I'm not being sponsored by them (but Elle, if you're reading, I'm interested. You can pay me in ice cream....or macarons.....or lavender coffee. Call me).  

I went on another embroidering binge. We won't talk about how many more I have started....or how many ideas I have in my sketchbook. Oh boy. My husband is going to start giving these things away if I keep piling them up.

 I've become a fan of naps lately. A big fan. 

Can it be Christmas now? I'm dying. 

Nothing to see here....just continuing to feed my fox obsession. 

On National Ice Cream Day, we sadly found ourselves without ice cream and a nice steady line of rainstorms, one after the other. We decided we were going to take a little walk to get some ice cream when it was sprinkling; of course, by the time we left, we were in a downpour. Tyler decided we should go jump in the pool since we were already we did. Life can be such an adventure sometimes.

 More and more I'm turning into my mother. I look SO MUCH like her when she was my age; and don't even get me started on those glasses! I just hope I become more like her in spirit, too.

 Some (read: most) days I just need a little pick-me-up to make it through the workday. 

I'm slowly converting everyone in Springfield to Elle's. This was Sommer's first trip, and she loved it! 
(See? I told you: three references.)

I drove across the state to stay with my mom for a few days, and left early on Sunday morning. It was dreary and foggy and perfect.  

What was not perfect was only sleeping in 1 to 4 hour increments. Don't get me wrong--I love my mom, I'm SO glad I could be there for her, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. BUT DANG. I'm still tired! 

My brother did come up Monday night, and we spent some of Tuesday entertaining my mom with our renditions of Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford & Sons, and Nickel Creek songs. Even though I was rusty (I hadn't picked up a guitar in over a year!), mom loved it. It was a blast. I think I need to play more often so we can take this show on the road. ;)

I missed this guy like crazy while I was gone, even though it was just for a few days. I kept looking at pictures of him like this one and pining away like a lovesick teenager. It was pathetic, but I hope I never stop missing him when I'm away.


  1. that phone case is the cutest! and i read your about me and i love springfield! it's such a cute little town, i'm a missouri girl too (kansas city though!). and elle's seems like a place i want to visit!

    lindsey louise

    1. We're practically neighbors! :) We have family & friends in KC. What a great city. Elle's is the greatest. We were there again last night after ArtWalk, no lie! You should definitely check it out if you visit Springfield soon. :)

  2. You can take credit for converting me to Elle's too :)


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