Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Happy accidents.

Watching: "I [Almost] Got Away With It" on Netflix. This show is so super interesting, but I find myself getting all supportive of the criminals. What the heck? I have to constantly remind myself of the first 5 minutes of an episode. Uh, Jess? That guy hacked four people to death with a pickaxe. Probably should be in jail.

Thinking: about life so far this week, and how it has been full of horrible and wonderful moments, lacking in many ways, but so full of meaning. Also, I think I want to find some different shampoo. I'm simultaneously one of the deepest and shallowest people you'll ever meet.

Frustrated About: some conversations I've been having on Facebook regarding this post from Saturday. Man, people are vicious online. Being loving and compassionate is hard sometimes, especially when people attack you personally, and try to publicly assassinate your character.

Wishing: I had the guts to cut bangs in my hair, like now. I was all ready to do it (and by that, I mean, have a professional do it--I'm terrified to cut my own hair), but Tyler's sister, who's a hairstylist, gave me a big negative when I asked her opinion. Not sure if that's because of the way it would look on me or just because she's not a fan of bangs in general. Is this one giant first-world-white-girl problem or what?

Excited about: my mom and stepdad coming into town on Friday for my mom's birthday. A weekend of antique shopping? SIGN ME UP. Can't wait to see them--it's been since Christmas!

Obsessing over:  Getting another tattoo. Seriously. It's time.

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