Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This week in instagrams

Instagram is awesome. Even apart from the social media aspect, it forces me to take time to capture the small moments during my day, and having those to look back on later is priceless. (You can follow me here or here if you're so inclined.)  Here are a few from my week. 

1) This is what our living room floor looked like after my day off Sunday. Oops.

2) Last week was rough. Journaled it out. 

3) I started the morning on Sunday by making this little terrarium/planter. I wish I had a green thumb, because I would have plants everywhere. Hopefully I can keep from murdering these succulents. *Fingers crossed*

4) We had dinner with Tyler's mom and niece on Saturday. This little lady kept us laughing until after 9:00. 

5) I watched some cartoons on Sunday. Yes, I AM 27-years-old. Sorry not sorry.

6) Bob Goff spoke at our church this weekend. This guy is joy incarnate, seriously. Honored to meet him and hear some of his amazing stories. 

7) Tyler usually spends one of his two days off a week running errands with me. Sometimes I have to bribe reward him with Starbucks. 

8) We got a whole box of these for free at Target for buying a bunch of frozen pizzas. Not complaining one bit. 

9) I made this little lady over the weekend--well, started making her anyway. Then I ran out of embroidery floss. Hopefully she'll be finished soon; she's my first experiment using pieced fabrics, and I like her an awful lot. I think I'm going to name her Eleanor. 

10) These were some of the fruits of our errand-running on Friday. happy happy happy.

11) I'm in love with Wickman's here in town. We bought a ton of succulents for our wedding there (and their flower shop did our bouquets!), and I've been hooked ever since. 

12) Breakfast dates with that fellow are my absolute favorite. We love Gailey's--it's where we started our (day long) first date! 

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