Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm praying that I don't murder more plants.

I'm the world's worst gardener, probably. I have managed to kill succulents. SUCCULENTS. They're basically cacti, and I have killed them. I have one succulent left from our wedding, and I'm currently nurturing that thing like it's a child. I'm terrible. I just.....forget they exist. So that's a problem. But I'm trying to get better, and I love having plants around. They seem to make our apartment a little brighter and more welcoming. I've managed to keep an aloe plant alive for about a month now, so I'm getting ambitious. (Just you watch, I'm going to end up being the crazy cat lady of plants. Ferns in every corner!)

So Tyler and I took a little trip to a local nursery a little over a week ago. Succulents EVERYWHERE!

So a few of them ended up coming home with us, and finding their way into this little planter...

..........along with that sweet little deer that I picked up at Funtiques!

Here was a bit of the process from Vine (side note: my voice does not sound that weird in real life....I hope):


  1. Haha I have the same issues with plants. The difference is just that I have now stopped having plants altogether and will have another try in a few years :D

  2. We must have hit up Wickman's at the wrong time! They were almost OUT of succulents! LOVE your little terrarium!!!


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