Thursday, April 11, 2013

quite a lovely weekend.

Last weekend was one of those weekends that left me completely worn out, with my heart so full I thought it might explode. My mom & stepdad came into town to celebrate my mom's birthday, and one of my best friends, Sarah, came down with her boyfriend to do the Color Run. I seriously had maybe ten minutes alone the entire weekend. Here are some snapshots, which don't even cover half of it!

Brunch at Aunt Martha's, of course! 

My mom wanted to look for some fabric for a baby quilt for her
grandchild. I'm definitely not pregnant. 

My stepdad loves few things more than buying plants at greenhouses.

I had to take them to Elles for ice cream & truffles & macaroons!
(Turns out my mom loves chocolate-covered bacon.)

My brother is a derp. Obvi.

Went antiquing at Relics two days in a row. Not even mad.

Lunch at the Gastropub with these two!
Friends & food. Few things better.

Perfect way to end the weekend. 

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