Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seattle, Day Three

By day three, I was starting to feel like maybe I belonged in Seattle. I was beginning to recognize where I was, and was trying to predict the roads that we would take to get back to Layne's after we had been out adventuring (and most of the time, I was right!). I seriously can't say enough about what a great tour guide Layne was: I checked off all the must-see tourist destinations, but spent most of my time in local shops, parks, and restaurants. We started off day three by wandering into whatever shops caught our eye, and found a huge bookstore (I had to show some serious restraint!)

I just love Seattle culture. I feel like it has its own special vibe & sense of humor that I just relate to so much. Sigh. Can I just go back right now?

We spent some of the afternoon in Gas Works Park, which contains the old coal gasification plant that used to supply gas to the city. It's been closed since the 60s and was converted into a public park in 1975. It's such a unique place, and has a great view of the city (and the house boat from Sleepless in Seattle!). Seaplanes were taking off and landing on the water while we were there, too; there were several people milling about but it wasn't really crowded for such a gorgeous day. I guess that's what happens when all your days are gorgeous in the PNW. 

After Gas Works, we went back to Layne's to relax for awhile and wait for her husband to get off work so we could go out for dinner and drinks. We started out at Linda's Tavern for dinner, which was the last place Kurt Cobain was seen alive. It was perfect patio weather. 

After that, we headed to the Pine Box for some drinks. The Pine Box used to be a funeral home, weirdly enough, and Bruce Lee's funeral was held here (Chuck Norris was a pallbearer!). A little morbid, maybe, but awesome--and they make a great old fashioned! 

After The Pine Box, Brandon went home, and Layne and I ended up at a bar that doubles as a nerd game haven. We ended up playing some co-op game about the plague that I vaguely understood, but we wiped out the outbreak, so you're welcome. (Also, I'm about 90% sure that we probably unintentionally cheated, but there were way too many rules for a game that's served with alcohol.)

We ended up the night playing Scrabble (much more our speed) at Capitol Cider. I got a salted cilantro limeade, which was about the most tasty thing I've ever had. It was super refreshing, which was exactly what I needed at that point in the night (also non-alcoholic, which was also what I needed. Ha!) Talk about feeling like a local--I've only been to Seattle once, but I feel like I could give some darn good recommendations after this trip! 

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