Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Morning at the Sunflower Farm

Back in the spring, when I was taking my photography class at KCAI, my professor mentioned a sunflower field near Lawrence, Kansas that he said was fantastic for photos--and the owners opened it up for the public every year. He encouraged us to follow them on Facebook to see when the flowers were blooming. I took his advice, and we headed down on the Sunday morning before Labor Day--along with basically every person in the state. :) We were there early enough that it wasn't too terribly crowded, thankfully, but it was starting to fill up as we were leaving. 

 It was absolutely unbelievable--just a sea of yellow as far as you could see. I was just commenting for the millionth time about how amazing it was, when Tyler got stung by a bee. Ha. He's a trooper, though, and stuck it out so I could get some photos. Beauty is pain, right? 

 Not bad for a spontaneous day trip. I feel like a true Kansan now. :)

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