Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Seattle, Day Four

Day four in Seattle was probably one of my favorite days (I think I've said that about every single day....oops). It started out with sleeping in and then heading to the Fremont neighborhood for some exploring. We wandered in and out of shops, picking up trinkets and petting resident bookstore cats. The weather was perfect for an outdoor lunch, so we found a local Thai spot and claimed a spot on the sidewalk. 

One of the things I loved most about Fremont was the vintage shops. I seriously regretted only bringing a carry-on. I did manage to bring home a few things, but I could have bought a whole closet's worth of vintage clothes. Just add it to the list of many reasons I would love to live in Seattle someday. There was also some weirdness--like a whole booth of preserved animals in jars that was something out of a horror movie--but that's part of the PNW charm, I think. Layne scored the find of the decade, though--a Don Freedman woven wall hanging. It was amazing, and I thought she was going to float away out of pure excitement!  This picture from her Instagram captures the moment pretty well. 
Of course, I had to shift back in to tourist mode for just a few minutes to see the famous Fremont Troll. There were tons of people, so I snapped some quick photos and we headed back to Layne's to drop off our treasures--it was definitely an adventure trying to get them all back on a scooter! 
Our final stop for the day was Discovery Park (well minus going back to Tacos Chukis again for dinner....). Layne sources the driftwood for her gorgeous macrame pieces here, and it was everywhere! It felt so peaceful just to walk along Puget Sound, listening to the wind and the rhythmic jostle of the waves. It felt so remote--like it wasn't part of the city at all, but some wilderness haven we had somehow stumbled onto. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could spend days here; it was that gorgeous. This was the one day I had decided not to lug my DSLR around, and I definitely regretted it, but the ol' iPhone didn't do a half bad job, I guess. 

After that, we grabbed dinner, went to the part, and turned in for the night. We had an early morning roadtrip & hike on the agenda for the next day, and we definitely needed to rest up. 

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