Friday, January 1, 2016

A Year of Creative Habits

Happy New Year! It's that time again--time for resolutions. To be honest, I initially wasn't really feeling it this year. I generally always have some things I'm working on in the personal growth department, but there's just so much and some of it isn't particularly interesting. Basically I want to try every creative outlet and learn everything, end of. So when I originally sat down to write this post, I just ended up frustrated. It was so unrealistic. It's the way I feel a lot--there's so much I want to do and so little time; there's no way I could accomplish all of these things in a year anyway, right? I figured I just needed some time to think things over and clarify, but the more I thought about it the tougher it was to narrow my focus.

Enter December Daily. When I decided to participate, it was just a fun scrapbooking challenge, but one day it hit me--this is the perfect way to tackle my resolution dilemma. I'll pick a new creative outlet per month, and dedicate at least an hour every day to it.  This way, I'll be able to experiment with different types of creativity and find out which ones I want to dedicate more time to, and which ones don't really do it for me. Bonus: I can stick with anything for 30 days, so the likelihood of just calling it quits mid-year is pretty low.

I'm pretty excited about this, if you couldn't tell, and I'd love if you joined me for some of the months (or all, if you're feeling ambitious!). We can start our own little art club. ;) So far, this is the line-up:

January: Poetry
February: Guitar
March: Songwriting
April: Sketching
May: Painting
June: Photography/Photoshop
July: Art Journaling
September: Weaving
October: Sewing
November: Embroidery
December: Scrapbooking (gotta go back to the December Daily that started this madness!)

As part of this series, I'd also love to interview artists who express themselves through one or more of these mediums. I have a few people in mind (dang, I know some amazingly creative folks!) but if you're an artist and interested in being interviewed for the blog, shoot me an email at I'd love to chat with you!

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  1. Fun! What a neat goal! Mine is way less interesting (but totally necessary)!


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