Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5 Faves: Netflix + Chill

I'm really glad I'm not in the dating scene anymore, because if someone asked me to "Netflix & chill?" and expected me to do more than sit in my pajamas under some blankets on the couch and zone out to a tv/movie marathon on Netflix, they would be wildly disappointed.
I'm slowly getting back into the Netflix game now that I have free time again. Here are my five favorite things to binge watch lately:


1// Making a Murderer. RIGHT?!?! Everyone I know was consumed with this over the holidays. My mom texted me last weekend with her moment by moment reactions (which was both amazing and creepy because we had the same reactions verbatim in some cases). Just watch it. Watch it now and then call me and we'll talk about it, because believe me, you will need that kind of processing after that rollercoaster of an experience.

2// Law & Order: SVU. Talk about a show you can spend all day watching (I have). This is probably my all-time favorite binge-watch show. Olivia Benson is my spirit guide.

3// It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I will watch this show until the bitter end and then go back and rewatch it again and again. This probably makes me a terrible person, but there have been few things in my entire life that have made me laugh harder than I laugh at this show. Charlie forever. #kittenmittons (#iknowitsspelledwrong #itsabit)

4// Sherlock. This isn't really a series that lends itself to binge-watching, but I've done my best anyway. I look at it as sort of a challenge; 1.5 hour episodes? Piece of cake. (Also, I'm new to the Sherlock bandwagon--I KNOW. Where have I been?!)

5// Criminal Minds. Three words for you: Matthew Gray Gubler.

Oh, right, and the psychological stuff is interesting too.

Any binge-worthy shows you'd recommend? I need to add some more to my rotation!

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  1. I was literally going to write a post like this for Tuesday but it slipped my mind. I mean, if we aren't soul mates or what. ;)


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