Wednesday, March 13, 2013

wednesday night happenings

It's a pretty lovely, lazy Wednesday around here. I have a ton of projects I could be working on, but.....nope. It's one of those evenings where I'm too lazy to cook, but also too lazy to go get food from anywhere. Once I get home and the sweatpants are on, I'm done for the night. I'm even too lazy to blog about anything substantial. Sooooooooooooo.............yeah.


Watching:  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Easily one of my top three favorite shows! Tyler has only seen a few episodes, but he is cracking up right now, you guys. 

Tasting: Some raw almonds that I'm eating to keep my blood sugar from bottoming out. I wonder if Jimmy John's will deliver this far out of town.....

Thinking:  that God never stops surprising me, and how much more fun life is because of it. 

Wishing: It was the weekend. I have a serious need to go thrifting. NEED.

Excited about: one of my friends being in town from Portland this weekend! AND getting off work super early tomorrow!.......and also that Tyler just got up to go make some grilled cheeses. It doesn't take much to excite me, really.

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  1. I always love these kinds of posts. It feels easier to become friends when you know what someone wishes, watches,and dreams of.


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