Saturday, March 9, 2013

Around Town: Funtiques

Yesterday, my husband and I headed to one of my favorite places in town: Funtiques! I love love love antiquing & thrifting; Tyler isn't quite so sold on it, but he likes looking at old print adds, book covers, packaging, & the like--he's a bit of a marketing nerd. He gets bored pretty easily when he has to sort through the junk to get to the good stuff, though. He doesn't mind going to Funtiques because there isn't any junk--it's all hand-picked by the owners and beautifully displayed.

They had a ton of terrariums around the store this time! I can feel a DIY project coming on!

I'm in love with that picture on the right. And the one on the left too. But mainly the one on the right. You can't tell, but some of the trees are metallic gold. Swoon.

This is my excited face.  I love it here. (My hands look gigantic and really weird.)

Here are today's (tiny) purchases. I have three sets of these now--every time I go in, I end up finding a new combo of words that I love. They're so simple & perfect. 

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