Monday, March 11, 2013

music monday: needtobreathe

Excluding bands that I know personally, Needtobreathe is the one I've seen live more than any other. They're addictive. Pretty much any time they're within a 3-hour radius, I'm there. The first show my husband and I saw together? Needtobreathe. Sarah and I went so often in grad school that I don't even know how many shows we've been to...but I'm pretty sure it's pushing the double-digits. Whatever the number is, it's enough that the last time we talked to them after a show, a couple of the members said, "Hey, you look really familiar......" Cool, but also a little embarrassing. I'll still be going to shows for the next 50 years, though.  They're just that good live.

 I've been keeping up with these guys since I first heard them over 10 years ago. They were one of those bands that I was so torn about--I wanted them to succeed and keep making music, but I also kinda wanted to keep them to myself. I mean, I just didn't want them to get so huge that I had problems getting tickets to their shows! I know that sounds hipstery, but whatever. Call me selfish. I haven't been able to stop myself from forcing every single person I know to listen to their music, so I'm part of my own problem. :)

This is my favorite version of one of my favorite songs, "The Outsiders" :

Also, they do things like this on Halloween:

They currently have a free 5-song EP up on Noisetrade, so you can get addicted a good idea of what they're like. Any donations go to Palmetto Medical Initiative. You can download the EP here.

Also, get to a show! Tour dates can be found here. But remember, they're addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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